In the midst of having three children and floating through several dissatisfying jobs, I came to realize that life coaching was the perfect profession for me. I always knew I’d be an entrepreneur but I needed to utilize my greatest passion: serving others in profound and meaningful ways. I did my training with the International Coach Academy ( and graduated as a Certified Professional Coach in March 2010, just prior to the birth of our third child. While I took some time to focus on the new baby, I continuously pursued my dream of opening my own business. In January 2011, KMS Life Coaching was born. And I’ve never looked back.
When you think life coaching, think of an aspiring athlete who wants to enhance his/her athletic performance to achieve extraordinary results. While the athlete may be driven, ambitious and love his/her sport, competing at the national or international level will require the support and accountability of a coach. Now apply this same principle to your life as a whole. While you may be comfortable or complacent, my role as a coach is to take you to a whole new level where confidence and success can finally be yours. To enhance your life to that of extraordinary, it will take hard work, perseverance, accountability, faith in yourself and objective support.
No. While coaching is another means of support, it operates on a different principle in two distinct ways: (i.) it is present and future-focused, without focusing on the past and (ii.) it is a client-driven, collaborative relationship where the client is the expert with the answers, not the coach.

Using the previous analogy of the aspiring athlete, let’s consider where the athlete needs to be first. This individual cannot hire a coach until he/she is physically/emotionally/mentally ready. If he/she suffers from a recent knee injury, physical rehabilitation will be required. The same applies to his/her mental and emotional well-being. If fear is stopping the athlete from moving forward because of trauma or abuse from the past, it goes without saying that therapeutic support is required.

Life coaching is a service that compliments other forms of therapy but is unique in its approach. And if you want to change for the better, you do have to be committed!

Naturally, I attract motivated individuals, primarily women (though I do work with men) who aren’t willing to settle for discontent and a life void of meaning. This includes, but is not limited to the following types of clients: those going through any kind of life transition; those who are tired of feeling unhappy, resentful, stressed out, or exhausted; those who are searching for their life purpose; those who are at a crossroads with big decisions to make; and overall, those who are bold and courageous enough to maximize their potential to experience a life of fulfilment.
The beauty of the coaching profession is that the areas of specialization vary as much as the needs of the clients themselves. Coaching can be narrowed into any of these areas (a sampling only): spiritual, leadership, business, corporate, executive, health and wellness or family coaching.

My role as a mindset coach is unique in that I focus solely on the personal (and naturally, professional) development of my client from within. I do this by supporting them as they embrace new ways of thinking about the world and what’s possible. This process has a profound impact on the client’s entire means of living, being and understanding. And the results are mind-boggling.

Hint: what would your life look like if you chose desire over fear?

Absolutely! I would hope that anyone who is considering working with me will take the steps to ensure that he/she is fully comfortable. If you would like to contact a former client, please send me an email to so I can get you in touch.
I am so glad you asked. The answer is yes. And I don’t just mean financially. The bigger question to ask is this: what will it cost me to NOT take a bold step in my life and create change? If the consequences of not doing this are stress and resentment, consider what this will cost you: i.e., disintegrating relationships, loss of opportunities, health issues, growing discontent, hurting loved ones, increased conflict both at home and work; and the greatest cost of all: a life wasted.

By investing in yourself, you will see the ripple effects of powerful and positive change that will show up in all areas of your life. Consider: personal fulfillment, improved health, more career opportunities, financial gain, blossoming relationships and a future potential that will blow you away. It’s a no-brainer.

Let me re-direct this question back to you in a different light: are you happy with your busy life and the little time you have? Your biggest obstacle in moving forward may, in fact, be your biggest obstacle in living a life of purpose and fulfillment. That said, I do understand how challenging this can be.

The time required will depend entirely on the length, intensity and level of the chosen program. Clients can expect to commit anywhere from 2-4 hours per week, depending on how committed they are to the process. What you get out of this will reflect what you put in.

Let’s face it – and pardon the cliché here – but life is what we make it. Here lies the challenge: we don’t necessarily see how we’re holding ourselves back and our loved ones simply can’t give us objective support. Not to mention, we can’t distance from ourselves to see what we’re thinking/doing/saying to create self-sabotage.

The long answer to your question is this: if you commit to this personal investment in yourself, take the time to do the inner work required and fully embrace the opportunities before you, you will guarantee your own success. And my role is simply to help you get there by providing support, objectivity, accountability and the amount of challenge required. The rest is up to you.

Can YOU guarantee for yourself that this will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life?

As with any means of personal/professional development, success involves both time and money. When I’m asked this question, my usual response is this: the investment varies on a case-by-case basis. With such a wide range of services now available, costs vary greatly according to the nature of the service: private vs group coaching, personal vs corporate, coaching vs courses, etc. The best way to explore pricing is to set up your own free 30 minute consultation by contacting me directly.