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I don’t know if I can fully convey how powerful and beautiful the impact that Katy’s coaching has made on my life in this story, but I can assure you, her presence has been nothing short of a miracle in helping me to transform into the person I was meant to be. I compare her skill to that of an Angel whispering to my heart, “Yes you can.”

I sought out Katy’s help because I was tired of trying to make some positive changes in my life and failing. I had lost faith in myself, but I wasn’t willing to settle. I needed help getting the motivation to try one more time.

I brought this energy to my first session with Katy. I really wasn’t sure how she was going to help me. In the back of my mind a voice was saying, “You’ve failed so many times, what makes this time different?”

At my first session with Katy, I went into great detail about who I felt like I am on the “inside” and how I wanted that to match the person I am on the “outside.” She listened carefully and then completely delighted me with how keenly she cut through to the heart of what I was saying! She then proceeded to offer an insight that completely changed my outlook on my life and I left feeling empowered!

Katy has helped me by:                 

  • Allowing me to express my deepest desires for myself with no judgement and pure encouragement.
  • She is very knowledgeable at hearing what I am really wanting and getting to the very root of why I am not achieving it.
  • She helps me to find immediate outlets for experiencing that feeling.
  • She always asks me, “what do I want to take away from this session?” which really helps in cutting through the confusion to what I really want to experience.
  • She always makes me feel safe; she is always pulling me back into a compassionate space where my fears fall away. I quickly came to trust her over my critical, fearful voice.

For me right now, I am burning with a desire for life that I haven’t experienced in two decades! A natural love of myself and where I can go is constantly present!

If I can be concise about what Katy does it would be this:

  • I get excited about doing something.
  • Katy shines love and light on the process and assures me I can do it.
  • I take the steps I feel I can take.
  • Deep seated “root” fears arise.
  • We talk about how to heal them by shining more love and light on them.
  • I overcome and take steps forward with her voice in the back of my head saying I can do it.

*Katy’s voice, for me, feels like an Angel whispering to my heart, or soul friend standing by me no matter what, knowing that I can become my BEST self.

Lori Ellerton, Self-Discovery Client

When I met Katy I was a lonely, unhappy person with no clue who I was or what I liked to do. I always ended up in difficult situations but I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Though I was initially reserved about working with a coach, I knew something other than more counseling was required as something had to change in my life.

[In working with Katy,] I discovered my fears and my need for control were linked. This truly was key. Since learning that I don’t need to control everything (and that my biggest fears are mostly imaginary) I have become more aware of my actions.

Katy has an unique way of asking the right questions, which have helped me discover who I really am. I am beginning to really like and even love myself. Katy is so encouraging and with her help, I was on the road of really getting to know the real me. Working with her has made me a more focused, happier, confident person where I am in control of my destiny and no longer just reacting to situations.  Thank you Katy for helping me figure out this amazing person I am!

Karann Currie, UNBC Client