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M.A.S.T. Group Coaching

Katy’s MAST Coaching Program Creating a safe harbour for big goals, new connections and a better you. Don’t you hate it when you set out to achieve something and for whatever reason, you don’t quite get there? Or if you do…it doesn’t last? That prickly feeling surfaces when you know ...

Me: Invisible

Invisible. Unnoticed. In the shadows. Missed entirely. Do you know the feeling? Is the label attached to you the by-product of something or someone else? The new assistant to Mr. CEO. The daughter of so-and-so. The wife of Mr. “VIP”. But you…you, at the deepest level, are who exactly? It …

Why Bother?

Being successful in business is gut-wrenching at times and the temptation to quit is always present. How do we, as women, push through the bleak moments to find the momentum and courage to push forward?