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Jen SchulzI found Katy at a time when I was complacent with life. I’d accomplished a lot of my goals, but felt like something was missing.. Katy helped me raise the bar. She prompted me with powerful reflective questions and challenged me not to settle. With her guidance I was able to work towards bringing that spark back. She held me accountable & gave me that boost when I was questioning my own thoughts. The support & shift of perspective from Katy has been life changing. I’ve set big goals & am inspired to continually take action toward them. I have stepped away from the 9-5 world & created my dream business. I’ve been able to merge my passions to create an income from home & help other women step up to do the same. I can’t imagine where I’d be at today, if our paths hadn’t crossed.Jen Schulz, Founder, Creative Income Design (
I was getting my daily fix of the Facebook feed when I came across a review of a Life Coach. I have never heard of a Life Coach; however after reading the comments of this client, I felt the need to look into it further and wow, was I ever in for a life changing process! I live a busy life, I am proud of my career and in the midst of the height of it I met my life partner. I was lost on how to balance my home life and my career while still taking care of myself. I reached out to Katy and got exactly what I needed. It was about holding me accountable to my own ambitions and goals. An outsider to remind me the value of life and what not to sacrifice and when to compromise, a person to generate thought starters and make me take a step back and realize the decisions I need to make.

I highly recommend Katy, she is a true coach.

Shauna Allan, Financial Services Officer
I took Katy’s Finding Me Course and one of her group coaching programs in 2015. I found both to be a powerful way to get clear and centered in my vision for the future. She broke down in pieces the path of where I was to where I wanted to be in a very actionable format. The work we did still plays into the decisions and focuses that I incorporate into my daily life! Imagine that: a program that is still a reference point a year later!Chrystal Hollie-Green, Up and Coming Mompreneur